Waterloo Catering

Pear Tree Catering of Kitchener Waterloo

Getting it right is essential to the success, impact, legacy and memory of your function or event. The only way to ensure it this is to hire Professionals. Hiring Pear Tree Catering’s team of Professionals assures that your crucial food and catering will be done to perfection, making it one less thing to worry about and one more aspect to look forward to!…

Gourmet Affair Catering – Kitchener Waterloo

Head chef and owner of Gourmet Affair Catering, Bruce Sutherland has evolved his career and business around his combined experience in food and design. Bruce specializes in French, Italian, Thai, and European cooking styles. Bruce Sutherland has guaranteed his catering services and cuisine in the Kitchener Waterloo area for a quarter century. …

Davenport Catering Waterloo

With a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and over 35 years of hospitality experience, Harald Braun brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each function served by Davenport Catering. As owner and operator of two Uptown Café locations in Waterloo and then Davenport Catering, he has been serving the Waterloo Region since 1988…


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