Reclaiming Wife: The Middle (Name) « A Practical Wedding: Ideas for Unique, DIY, and Budget Wedding Planning

For those of us that don’t take the name-change-after-marriage route (or the traditional last name for children route) life can be complicated. Since as a society we’re only starting to navigate new rules to go with new naming decisions, the results can be decidedly odd—like when I get mail addressed to Mrs. David Keene. Which, it’s very sweet that they tried, but they also got two out of three things wrong. Today’s post from Laura Holway is about only changing her middle name and the muddle that caused. It’s also so badass that I sent shouty emails to the staff about it the second I read it. The murky waters of name change. Let’s discuss. (P.S. You can see Laura’s crazy-amazing artist wedding right here.)

Bridal Hair & Make Up London Ontario


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