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The life of a wedding photographer is (in one facet) a life surrounded by beauty.

It starts with an exchange of words, thoughts and questions. A couple send us an e-mail. They’re planning a wedding. They’re getting married. And we invite them to our home for wine & cheese or for brunch so we can get to know them. To us, they’re perfect strangers. We don’t know them yet. We know hints of them as they’ve told us where they’re getting married and written down a bit of their story in their first e-mail to us, but that’s it.

I meet them in the courtyard of our lovely little condo complex and those first few moments are a little strange, but I bring them up to our home and Graeme asks them what they’d like to drink and it begins.

Wedding photography is our passion. It’s our dream job, and we love what we do. After all, we get to spend most of our weekends celebrating with gorgeous, glowing people on one of the biggest days of their lives. We like to think that that passion shows through our work, and in the relationships we form. We create fun, fresh and honest images filled with emotion that tell the true story of your wedding day.


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