Cambridge Landscape Supplies, Topsoil, Gravel, Mulch Delivery

A Gravel

  • Sand and crushed stone mix
  • Compacts easily
  • Often used as a sub-base for interlock, asphalt, and concrete

B Gravel/Pit Run

  • Mix of sand and 2”-3” stones
  • Frequently used by contractors for compacting deep holes
  • Can be difficult to level and usually requires machinery

Stone Dust

  • A mixture of limestone chips ¼” or less
  • Used to level interlock, natural stone, and retaining walls
  • Similar to material used in baseball diamonds/limestone trails

3/4 Crushed

  • Limestone crushed to ¾” uniform size
  • Sometimes referred to as ¾” clear gravel or stone
  • Commonly used for poorly drained areas
  • Used underneath decks and as base material for concrete

Peastone 1/2″ or 3/8″

  • Natural peastone is available in ½” and 3/8” pebble sizes
  • A washed, multipurpose stone used as decoration or in playgrounds
  • Economical alternative to other decorative stones

3/16″ Chip

  • A limestone chip
  • 3/16” in size
  • Sometimes used by contractors for the preparation of interlocking stone

Concrete Sand

  • Coarser than masonry sand and finer than No. 2 sand
  • Commonly used for leveling interlock or making concrete

Masonary Sand

  • Available in fine and course grade
  • Frequently used for house brick or grouting
  • Also used as bedding sand for pool liners

No. 2 Sand

  • Very coarse sand
  • Recommended for use under interlocking stone
  • Inexpensive and readily available

Recycled Ashphalt

Processed from fresh hardwood bark, the dark brown colour ages grey.

  • Compacts easily
  • Reduces dust
  • Used for parking lots or laneways


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