Byron Landscape Supplies, Topsoil, Gravel, Mulch Delivery



Regular Screened Topsoil 

  • Screened sandy loam soil.
  • Reseeding, raising the grade of the lawn.
  • Provides a good solid base, new beds and tree planting.
  • Won’t run, best with Sod, lightest colour.


Black Topsoil

  • Screened and shredded composted peat loam.
  • No compost or manure mixed in.
  • Top dressing lawns, top laid for flower beds
  • Potting soil for indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Will run with water.



2-Way Topsoil

  • 75% Black, 25% Manure Compost.
  • Top dressing lawns.
  • Used in areas where there is a lot of natural sand.
  • Same as Black but with compost



 3-Way Topsoil

  • 60% Black, 20% Manure Com., 20% Sandy Loam
  • New garden construction, tree planting, burms, back fill.
  • Used in areas that have a lot of clay.
  • Heaviest soil and allows for excellent drainage.
  • Most versatile and will not run.


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