David Loney

I am starting a new project and thought I would share the details of how I started from day 1 to having it make passive income online.  Today is day 1 and i will post the details of this journey on my blog every week.

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Day 1

I have had success with marketing a local business online and then decided to take it to the next level.  The only thing stopping me from having the same success in other cities was getting contacts with other businesses in different cities.  I promoted a local service that could easily be duplicated nationally and internationally.  The most time consuming part was establishing relationships with local service providers as many have been approached by online marketers and either felt like it was a scam or lack of knowledge about online marketing scared them away.  Considering all the emails and phone calls I have received from SEO and SEM people I don’t blame people for instantly declining the offer without hearing the details.  Once a person has heard the same sales pitch a few times it gets really old.


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